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Travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to attractions in Europe, which is why the Lithuanian city of Vilnius is often overlooked.

There are many things to see in Vilnius, which are littered with cultural charm and architectural wonders, but there are so many that it is confusing to limit the possibilities. Even if you are here for a few days, you still have a lot of choice and there are also a number of ways to do things in and around the hotel, whether you have been there for a short time or not. There are some of its attractions that make it very difficult to find out what you see in it, especially for those of us who do not have much time. To get a good feel for the city, the city center is relatively compact, with only about 1,000 square meters of public space, so there is plenty of space to walk, cycle, walk and cycle around.

When planning your itinerary, make sure to include some of the funniest things in Vilnius in your plan.

Join the Vilnius Free Tour and our guide will be happy to introduce you to other activities in Vilnius. Read on to find a detailed route through Vilnius that will give you the best places to visit, as well as a list of some of the most popular sights in the city.

Here is a 3-day tour of Vilnius, which is studded with some of the best activities in Vilnius, accommodation, food and transportation. Here you will find everything you can learn about the city, from the best things to do, how great it is for kids to get around, to the most unique destinations you really should see. Here is a full list of all the good things you need to have done and where you will stay. This guide includes a detailed guide to all of them, as well as a brief guide to some of the most unique things we have done in and around Vilnius, and a brief guide to how we got to Vilnius.

Here is a list of all the cool things to do in Vilnius, from the must-see attractions to a meal that tastes as good as it is, and of course never leave without a bit of nightlife. All restaurants are first class - both in price and taste, as well as in the best bars and restaurants in the city, with excellent food and drinks.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a lot of sights, and here are some of the things to see during your own Lithuanian holiday. We have a list of the best things to do in Vilnius Lithuania along with some practical information to help you make a free trip to Lithuania. Although it tends to be overshadowed by other cities such as Kaunas, Klaipeda, Liska, Riga and Krakow, it is still a great city with many great restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as some great museums.

Some beautiful parts of the city are located, such as the Vilnius Cathedral and the Gediminas Tower, but there are some interesting steps in the sights, as well as some great restaurants and hotels.

This is a great opportunity to get to know Lithuania's past life, and it is not only about the history of the city, but also about its history. It is called a non-museum, because it is not necessary to explain all the details of Lithuanian history, such as people, culture, religion, politics, etc.

If you are interested in history, you can also visit the Lithuanian National Museum of Vilnius, which is located in the foothills of the mountains. This magical museum is a good thing, not only for having fun, but also for better understanding the history of Lithuania. If you are a Christian, this is another must-visit - visit a place you should visit, and it is the best reason to include Vilnius Cathedral in your Vilnius itinerary. The Vilnsius Cathedral is one of the most important sacred buildings in Lithuania and is therefore a good reason to include it in the Lithuanian itineraries.

The museum is located in the centre of Vilnius, where you will find a number of historical buildings and a museum of Lithuanian history. Cathedral Square (Katedros aikste) is the centre of Lithuania, situated between the medieval and 19th century parts of the city. This square is not only located at the intersection of two main streets, but also houses the Cathedral and the National Museum, as well as several other important buildings.

This means that people with different interests should also find attractions that fascinate them. Most of the activities in Vilnius take place in the Old Town and its surroundings, but there is also much to see outside Vilnius and its tourist attractions. There are a number of fun places that everyone knows and that have become one of the most popular destinations in Lithuania for tourists and locals. The best things to do in Vilnius, both in terms of food and entertainment and the people around you, are all over Vilnius.

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More About Vilnius