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If you want to learn more about Lithuanian cuisine, join the Vilnius Food Tour. You can follow our recommendations and try it out. After spending a few days in the capital and discovering authentic local dishes, we have compiled some of our favorite restaurants in Vilnius. We will explain what you should eat in Vilnius and give you suggestions on how to find the best food in Lithuania, in its restaurants and markets. Learn more: If you want to join the Vilnious Food Tour to enjoy the good Lithuanian cuisine in all its glory, then you should join us!

Vilnius has a surprisingly high number of great restaurants and if you are looking for a lot of delicious food to try in one place, then you should start with the open kitchen. Here are some cool things to do in Vilnious, some must - not - miss the sights and some of the best ways to sample food in a restaurant that is top notch in price and taste, and of course never leave without exploring the nightlife. We hope this will help you choose restaurants in Lithuania, but if you are visiting Lithuania for the first time, there are many restaurants you would recommend, whether it is to learn more about traditional Lithuanian cuisine or for dinner. This is what we mean: If you were in Vilnius in the summer and would like to taste a lot of delicious food in one of these places, you will probably prefer the "Open Kitchen," which starts with a wide selection of local dishes and some great local wines.

If you are not a fan of potatoes, turnips and pork and are looking for an alternative to Lithuanian cuisine, Georgian House and Blue Lotus is a great place to eat in Vilnius.

At the same time, vegans and vegetarians should have no problem finding good dishes for their preferences. Lithuanians love their meat and I found the prices very reasonable compared to other restaurants in Vilnius. I enjoyed the food here, but a few people from Vilnius told me that the food here is not great. Food in Lithuania is quite interesting and if one reason for a trip is to try different foods, then you should enjoy it.

If you are eating in Vilnius in warm weather, you might want a lighter lunch. Lithuanian cuisine is delicious and filled with lots of vegetables, fruits, meat, vegetables and lots of spices and spices. For those of you who are supposed to keep warm indoors, this is certainly something worth trying.

It reminds me of some of the food I found in markets in Riga and Budapest, and I have tasted many different kinds of fruit, vegetables, meat, spices and spices.

For Lithuanians who still pickle vegetables at home, the easiest way to buy pickles is at the markets in Vilnius, Hales and Turgus. Apples and cheese are not found in Lithuanian restaurants, but in the markets of Riga and Budapest.

Vilnius Open Kitchen is not the only place where you can enjoy the thrill of gourmet hunting. While we go into detail about the black bread, when you visit Vilnius, you should definitely try some of Lithuania's most popular dishes, such as the black and white bread.

Traditional Lithuanian food, which can be eaten in the capital and elsewhere in the country, and the emerging wine industry. Lithuania seems to have something to offer for every taste, and although most people expect the food culture in Lithuania to be the same as before their visit, it is actually richer and more creative. To find out more about the food you can buy in supermarkets and to be sure that you have tasted a piece of Lithuanian cooking history, click here.

As you can see from the list above, food in Vilnius is a mixture of traditional Lithuanian and new food from other parts of the country. In Lithuania, there are other traditional dishes: stuffed potato pancakes known as zemaiciu blynai and traditional Lithuanian soup. Lithuanian-IAN food to try in Lithuania would be the saltibarsciai (cold beetroot soup).

This cake is considered the national cake of Lithuania and can be found in every market in Vilnius, but it has become so popular in Lithuania that it can even be found in some of the most popular restaurants in the city, such as the Klaipeda restaurant. These are the 5 best dishes foreigners who come to Vilnius or Lithuania on a short trip can try. What do you mean when you talk about the food you will find in Lithuanian restaurants? What do you think about the foods you should eat during your visit to Lithuania and what is your favourite dish to eat during your visit?

When you think of the Lithuanian food landscape, you will probably imagine the waiting staff in traditional costumes and menus, which include dishes based on potatoes and meat. Cepelinas are basically meat - stuffed potato dumplings served in countries such as Austria, Belarus, Germany and Poland. When you visit Lithuania, you will probably find that the various potato dishes that are on most menus are part of an authentic national cuisine. Another popular Lithuanian dish is bulviniai blynai (potato pancakes), which can be either meat-stuffed or vegetarian.

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