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Hilton Worldwide will welcome guests from Baltic nations to its new Vilnius Hilton Hotel, it was announced at a press conference in Vilnius in the presence of the city's mayor. This follows plans unveiled earlier this month to bring the first Hilton hotel in Lithuania and Latvia to Riga, the capital of Latvia's second largest city. The announcement, made before the mayors of both cities at a media conference at the Hilton International Hotel and Convention Center in Ljubljana, Latvia, followed plans to open a new hotel and convention center in the Lithuanian capital in 2016.

We are proud to be the first operator to include the Hilton Worldwide brand in our portfolio in Latvia, "said Augustinus Barauskas of the Apex Alliance. The Mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Dimadius, welcomed the new Hilton Hotel and Convention Center in Ljubljana, Latvia's second largest city Riga, and welcomed the Mayor of the Lithuanian capital and the first Hilton hotel in the city, the VilNius Hilton by Hilton International Hotel, in front of more than 1,000 guests. The Mayor of Vilne, Remigsiju Simasius, welcomes the opening of the new Hilton hotel in the Lithuanian capital Vytautas.

R. Dimadius said that the new Hilton Hotel, a well-known international brand in the Lithuanian capital, will attract more tourists and promote the development of the city's tourism industry and tourism in Lithuania as a whole. The new Vilne hotel, the VilNius Hilton by Hilton International Hotel and Convention Center in Ljubljana, Latvia's second largest city Riga, and the first Hilton Hotel in Vytautas, Lithuania's first Hilton Worldwide hotel, in front of more than 1,000 guests, Simasius said: "The new hotels with their high-quality and well-known international brands will not only attract more tourists, but also promote more tourism, tourism and economic development in our city and our country."

Domas Dargis, CEO of EIKA, said: "Vilnius is experiencing a high demand for accommodation as the number of tourists and events continues to grow every year. The opening of the new Hilton by Hilton Hotel in Vilne will raise the bar in the hospitality industry, "said R. Dimadius, Manager of Hilton Garden Inn Lithuania. John Greenleaf, Head of Europe, Europe and Asia Pacific at Hilton Worldwide, said: "The great news is that we are expanding into two more European markets and expanding the 45 destinations we currently serve guests from across the continent.

To meet the needs of these guests, the hotel, which will be located in the LiveSquare business complex, will host a conference room and will be equipped with high-speed wireless Internet access. It will equip the site with a modern fitness centre, a sports hall, an indoor swimming pool and a fitness centre.

There is also a café, restaurant, office and bar close to the hotel, all of which are popular meeting places for locals in the neighbourhood. Rooms will feature wireless high-speed Internet access and a range of amenities including a fitness center.

For guests who want to keep fit, the hotel offers a range of fitness facilities, including a fitness center, a gym and a swimming pool. The Old Town of Vilnius with its numerous important cultural heritage sites protected by UNESCO is only a 10-minute walk away. Vilnius International Airport is 5.5 km away and the hotel is 5-5 km away. One of the most important listed buildings in the city is the Old Town Hall, one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Lithuania.

The Heritage Hotel features a restaurant, bar and free Wi-Fi throughout. The hotel itself is close to a shopping area. The hotel could ideally be located a little closer to the centre, but its location makes it a good location to be within 15 minutes of most tourists in the area. Breakfast, WiFi and parking are free and also on cold winter days It's very pleasant. The Heritage Hotel is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, just minutes from the Old Town Hall, the city centre and most tourist areas.

With 250 guest rooms and nine suites, including the Nia Suite, the hotel combines the exterior, reflected in the floor-to-ceiling, with the interior of the building, with an illuminated tree and the Garden Lounge, which enhances the outdoor feel of Gedimino Avenue. The interior is dominated by calm and calm earthy colours, while the illuminated trees and the Garden Lounge along Gedsiminos Avenue create an outdoor feel inspired by the typical "Baltic Region" style. Baltic trunks name each conference room after a Baltic trunk and brass elements reminiscent of the Baltic character are installed in floor tiles.

Hotel guests will find many local cultural elements in the hotel rooms, and it will be equipped according to the "concept of renewable energies."

Nia Mall Apartments also offer car rental on site and island tours can be organised at no extra charge. Guests staying at the property can also see why life is better at GardenTM. Amenities and services offered at the property include a fully equipped fitness center, spa, gym, gym, swimming pool and fitness center. The Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott will offer a ground-breaking luxury hospitality experience at Silicon Hotel NIA. With 4 of 11 hotels in Menlo Park, we have seen a significant increase in demand for hotels in Silicon Valley in recent years, and HotelNia will be a unique luxury hotel tied to Marriott's rewards.

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