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When you say you are on holiday in Europe, there is no doubt that many people think of Vilnius, Lithuania. I wanted to show you some of my favourite things to do in Vilnius so that you can include this underrated city in your Eastern European itinerary. Here are some things you should miss, but you should definitely do it and some you shouldn't. Read my list of sights - see Vilnius, while I recommend a visit to one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city, the Grand Palace.

Here is a list of some of the most unique things to do in Vilnius, and if you are Christian, this is a must - visit a place to visit it, it is one of my favorite places in the world. There are many things to see in Lithuania, not only things that everyone knows, but also things like the Grand Palace, the cathedral and other tourist attractions. Vilnius Cathedral is the most important sacred building in Lithuania and there is no doubt that you should definitely include it in your Vilnius itinerary.

This is definitely a highlight of any trip to the Baltic and means that people with different interests should find this attraction fascinating. What are the best things to do in Vilnius and what are your thoughts on the most interesting things in Lithuania and other things that interest the world?

We have a list of the best things to do in Vilnius, Lithuania, with practical information to help you make a free - confused - trip to Lithuania. Here you can see some more unique things we have done and which we hope you will be interested in. We hope it will help you make the most of your time by guiding you to activities in Lithuania that are worthwhile.

You will find everything you need to know about the city, from the best things to do in Vilnius, where to stay, what to eat, how to get around and how great it is for children, to getting around and getting on and off in Vilnius.

There is much to see in Vilnius, full of cultural attractions and architectural wonders, but it is confusing to limit the possibilities. There are so many attractions that make it difficult to find out what you see of it, even if you don't have much time. Although I have shown you many good things you can do in Lithuania, it is important to say that this list is not complete. If you only stay for a short time, there are still many great places to visit and many interesting things to see in the city while you are there.

The city centre of Vilnius is relatively compact, so that you can get a good feeling for the city in a few days, even if you stay only for a short time. Most of the activities are in the old town of Vilnius, but it is also a great place to shop, eat and shop.

If you are in Vilnius for some sightseeing, my last recommendation would be to take a day trip to Trakai while you are in Lithuania. I recommend staying in one of the hotels in the city centre, such as the Grand Hotel, as this will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful parts of Vilnius in a short time.

Getting to Vilnius: You can fly to Lithuania with airBaltic, which offers direct flights from London Heathrow Airport as well as other international airports in Europe and the Middle East. Vilnius flights land at Vilnius International Airport, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Vilnius Old Town.

If you are interested in history, you can also visit the Lithuanian National Museum of Vilnius, which is located in the foothills of the mountains. This magical museum is a good thing for those who want to have fun and a great introduction to the history of Lithuania and its people.

Vilnius Old Town, with so much to see and do, is the highlight of any trip to the city. Vilnius is easily accessible from all major destinations in Europe and is one of the most visited places in Lithuania. It is not surprising that we have topped the list of top activities in Vilnius. Here we spent the day of our birthday, a day in the old town and a few days in the museum.

To get to Vilnius by bus, we took a four-hour bus from Riga to its cheap green petrol. We managed to squeeze into the bus to Trakai, which is about an hour away from Vilnius. A short bus ride will take you to one of Lithuania's most popular tourist attractions, the Old Town of Vilnius. With just over $2 a day you can be in Vil Nius in just a few hours and on your way to other destinations.

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More About Vilnius